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Trinity Sermon Notes

Do not preoccupied with yourself. The key to humility is knowledge of who you are, and your acceptance of it.

Confession–>repentance–>Life change through the Holy Spirit.

Nehemiah 1: Prayer is a first response, not a last resort. Pray persistently and passionately.

Nehemiah 2: Pray, plan, and act.

Nehemiah 3: Serve side by side with the family of Christ, united by your mission.

Nehemiah 4,6: Enemies want to cause doubt, discouragement, distraction, dread, and discredit us. Take decisive steps to prevent our enemies (flesh, world, devil) to keep us from bringing glory to God.

Nehemiah 5: Stand against injustice and live generously with our finances, time, and grace.

Nehemiah 8: Hearing, studying, and obeying the Word of God should lead us into the worship of God.

Nehemiah 9: Confession of sin leads to delighting in him.